Case 5



1. Compared to Merck and other big Pharmaceutical companies, how is Gilead’s program for low-income countries different?

Replying on distributors for patenting and registration; licensing manufacturing and knowledge transfer; investing more in education

2. Was this deliberate? Was it a pragmatic evolution?

It is bold however it’s necessary to bring the latest drugs to the poor people.

3. How should Gilead reach 2 million patients by 2012? How should it handle generic licenses, competition from first generation drugs and its distributors going forward?

Invest more in education  and alliances with WHO and other international bodies/countries. continue the policy of licensing, and subsegment the customers/distribution channel.

4. What if countries like India and Brazil continue to reject its Patent applications? Should it change its course? If so how?

Go generic?

5. What is Gileads emerging markets strategy? If there is one? What should it be?

They didn’t really have but developped on the go. Relying more on the commercial/distribution part could have helped the company to reach more patients at the end of the day?