Case 4



1. If you were a private equity investor in Mexico, would you invest in Farmacias Similares? If so, why? If not, what are the principal reasons for passing on this opportunity?

Yes. It’s highly growing and profitable, plus the social values. This model can easily be expanded in other countries as well. However it is very related to policy changes and this model can be easily copied too.

2. If you were Victor Gonzalez Torres, to what extent would you be concerned with the introduction by the public health ministry of Seguro Popular?

National coverage/reimbursement of drug list/supply.

3. If you were the head of a major pharmaceutical company in Mexico, with leading brands in the market, how would you react to Farmacias Similares and the growing impulse market? In retrospect, would you have done anything different?

Create own distribution/acquisition of Simi in early stages. What else?

4. If you were the incoming minister of health in the new administration, what would your position be with regards to Farmacias Similares? What measures would you propose, if any?

Welcome and regulate, create more competition.


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