100 things to do in Montreal


01. Feel the rhythm and watch medieval sword fights at the Tam Tams every Sunday afternoon at Mont-Royal (以前家住那个动物园旁边所以常去)
02. Have a picnic and give free hugs with electronic beats and funky DJ`s at Piknik Electronic, Sundays at Jean-Drapeau (还没去过,重点关注对象)
03. Bike along the 14.5Km of Lachine Canal and catch the wonder of the old Port(骑车会把屁股搞的好疼!)
04. Grab yourself a Beaver Tail, 127 de la Commune E (好像是什么甜饼?没兴趣)
05. Join Cat’s Corner’s LARGEST PUBLIC SHIM SHAM for a free swing dance and free Charleston classes. Look for the big crowd of Lindy hoppers dancing in the streets of Blvd St Laurent! (跳舞的都是耍流氓)
06. Salsa it up with Salsafolie at the Old Port on Saturday afternoons (拉丁舞更流氓)
07. Have fun being green by renting a bike free in the summer at Mont-Royal metro (Desjardins info booth right outside the exit) or Bixi-ing around town (Bixi贵的要死)
08. Jazz it up at JazzFest in the summer! (这个不错,不过好多音乐已经不属于Jazz的范畴了)
09. Walk Plateau-Mont-Royal and Village and discover shops, cafes, culture.(以前家住那里)

10. Head over to Schwartz`s on St-Catherine for a deli and smoked beef sandwich experience like no other (the cherry cola goes down real well too!)(这个比起河间驴火加小米粥差的不是一点两点!)
11. Explore some art and history, and/or hide from the rain, at Montreal’s museums, free:
• The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is always free
• The Red Path Museum, offering a variety of exhibitions from Ancient Times is always free
• The Contemporary Art Museum is free on Wednesday evenings from 6-9 pm
• The Canadian Centre for Architecture is free on Thursday evenings after 5:30 pm(我博物馆去的太少,重点关注)

12. Grab some fresh and organic ingredients at Jean-Talon , biggest and best farmer`s market in town. Also check out the other cool farmers markets around town. (没去买过菜,这个周末去转转?)
13. Have a Bohemian experience, great ambience, cool live music, yummy and cheap food at L’Escalier (Berri-UQAM) (没去过,听起来象是勾引女大学生的地方)
14. Parc and picnic it up at one of the many lovely parks in and around the city. Parc-Nature De L’ile-De-La-Visitation, Parc Angrignon, to name a few.(嗯Angrignon烧烤过N次了)
15. Try one of the biggest, yummiest and best presented sandwiches at Santropol, 3990 St-Urbain. (去过无数次,就在我原来的家步行两分钟不到的地方,强烈推荐!)
16. Get some bagel action at Fairmount Bagels or St-Viateur Bagels. No need to argue which is the best, just try both! Warning: on weekend mornings the queues can get pretty crazy!(没去过,bagel是不错的食品不过能跟肉夹馍比吗?)
17. Climb Mont-Royal at 5am and catch the sunrise!(起不来!)
18. Have a sweet maple experience at a cabane a sucre (sugar shack) in the winter time (maybe not the best place for vegetarians/vegans)(没去过,不知道今年冬天还有没有机会去)
19. take advantage of the free wifi service offered in many cafes/pubs around the city(网上哪有现实精彩)
20. Sample some fave eats and/or take a food discovery tour with some CS’rs!(不知道说的啥)

21. Visit the Oratoire Saint-Joseph(去过了,很新啊,没有圣母院里的灯光震撼)
22. Quack at the ducks at Parc Lafontaine. In the winter you can ice skate there. (嗯这公园应该是不错的慢跑的地方)
23. Have some old-fashioned pancakes served plain or with one of over 20 different fillings, and brunch it up, at Chez Cora. (没去过)
24. Watch the fireworks of Loto-Québec either from the Old Port, the Jacques Cartier Bridge, or from l’Île St-Hélène under the bridge. (我家楼顶就可以看,每个周末都放就没什么稀奇的了)
25. Look at the city at nightime from l’Île Jean-Drapeau and/or from Mont Royal(嗯,还是挺有魅力的一个城市)
26. Find a new literary world at La grande bibliothèque Nationale (见前面的一贴)
27. Go kayaking at les îles de Boucherville or just wander around…(是不错,有次和朋友去遇到大风,比较杯具)
28. People watch on St-Laurent(以前的活动场所可惜不敢拍照)
29. Go on a walking graffiti tour of the city. Lots of great artworks to see/photograph!(跟欧洲不能比吧)
30. Spend a day in roller coasters at Six Flags (LaRonde)(这些东西不再吸引我,估计得有喜欢的姑娘陪着才行)

31. Watch a hockey game at any local pub/bar/dive and watch as people go nuts with excitement(现场更爽吧,去看过几次)
32. Walk around the financial district while NOT wearing a suit during rush hour (hehe I get a kick out a the funny looks people give) (我上班的时候常常西装,那里几家律师事务所也常供我使唤,所以被踢出来的经历没有)
33. Bike down any street in Westmount from the Boulevard. It’s super scary! Make sure to drop by Bilboquet in Westmount for fun, creative and yummy icecream flavors.(富人区,呵呵)
34. Get shitfaced (really really really drunk in other words) and eat poutine at 3am(呵呵垃圾食品)
35. Go make friends with gypsies at Café Sarajevo on Beaubien(什么时候去坐坐装13)
36. Watch a Serie B at Cinema Parallèle (ex ex-centris)(这个应该也不错)
37. Dance and discover at the Festival Nuit d’Afrique (in July)(过了,对了,俺从非洲来)
38. laugh at the Festival Juste pour Rire (in july)(可惜只享受过几次很短的节目!!!)
39. Learn new things from exposition at Centre des Sciences in the Old Port(嗯这个应该也不错)
40. Go karting “all you can drive” all night long for 75$ (at the largest indoor go-kart center in HOMA : Action500)(我的车已经快变成卡丁了,不需要再去花钱买刺激)

41. Do speed boating, rafting or Jet boating on the St-Laurence River(这个不错,谁知道在哪里?
42. Discover the silophone on the old port(这个好像有意思?)
43. Pay what you want and have a decent meal at Taverne Crescent @ 1433 Crescent (press: http://ow.ly/h1WL)(还没给天朝难民抢光?)
44. Cycling the Island by it’s cycling path web (说过了,菊花,注意你的菊花!!!)
45. Join some CS events, take some snaps and add them to the CS Montreal Flickr pool (CS是什么啊,反恐精英?爷玩星际的)
46. Swimming and tanning at Parc Jean-Drapeau’s pool(哦,不会失身吧)
47. Run through the dancing fountains just outside Jean-Drapeau Metro(什么时候去看看)
48. Shop ridiculously inexpensive curiosities on Bazaar, church sales and garage sales(还有比临沂农贸市场更ridiculously inexpensive的吗)
49. Having a floating bath at Ovarium(这个是哪里?)
50. Breakfast at a restaurant (wearing jogging pants!)(推荐Laurier街上的La petite ardoise)

51. Walk the Nouvelle-France style streets of Old Montreal(唉,巴黎的Oberkampf街也不错吧,我在那街上住了一年)
52. Offering no resistance to a gigantic Tonkinese soup (Vietnamese “Pho”) at Pho Viet on Amherst or Pho somethin! on ste-catherine, close to Foufounes
Électriques…that one that looks like a cafeteria! (and dare to resist the fried banana!!)(我讨厌味精)
53. Catch a show (dance, musical, concert, theater, circus, opera, ballet…there are of all taste)(是不错)
54. Feel the vibes of freshly arrived Spring on Avenue Mont-Royal and the Mountain. There are many wonderful cafes and restaurants such as Le Pistou dejeuner, Cora’s, l’Avenue du Plateau(是,这个城市有无数好吃好玩的地方等着去发掘)
55. Dine at O’NOIR (rue Ste. Catherine) – you eat your meal in complete darkness! Seriously, you can’t see a single thing. They play live music, also. Interesting experience. Also support a great cause as all the waiters are blind. (北京也有家叫狱酷的餐厅,不知道还有没有了)
56. Sample dragon’s beard candy & bubble tea in Chinatown(西瓜的主要来源,我象熟悉我的身体一样熟悉中国城)
57. Get your Mexicana fix – delicious & inexpensive at Chipotle & Jalapeno (1481 rue Amherst)(墨西哥菜我一般感冒)
58. Help somebody move their couch on Moving Day – July 1 (which is also Canada Day!)(这个是无比愚蠢的一件事)
59. Chocoholics – Go to Juliette et Chocolat, have an old fashioned hot chocolate and smile. There’s one on St Denis and another at Laurier (less busy, and nicer interior).(骗女人还行,爷食肉动物)
60. Go to one of Montreal’s Sidewalk Sales (Vente de Trottoir) It’s a mix between a fair and a sales event. Lots of great deals, music, open terraces, performances, face paint for kids (and adults!). Wonderful experience! (嗯,好像已经没有了)

61. Have a creation sandwich or Mish Mash at the ever famous “Cosmos” in NDG (谁写的这玩意儿?吃货啊)
62. Go to the “Comedy Nest’s” open Mic night and cheer some folks on (木有去过)

63. Go see the lemurs at the Biodome and do the dance from Madagascar…I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it!! (那天去感觉很荒凉啊)
64. If you’re at the Biodome anyway, then why not go next door to Stadium Olympique and get one of the best 360 views of the city? (02年就上去过了)
65. Try your luck on locals with some french pick-up lines (click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page) (你说,我几天不刮胡子,有人敢拉我吗)
66. Go to Westmount Library, it’s wonderful. And visit the greenhouse close to it. Specially in wintertime.(Sounds good)
67. Have a walk in Saint Henri. Discover G-Etienne Cartier Square. (这个周末去)
68. Have a drink at Burgundy’s pub, and enjoy the terrace (这个周末去)
69. Taste the best Ice Cream in Montreal at “Le havre aux glaces” (Jean Talon and Atwater markets). (冰淇淋完全无视)
70. Taste the best beer in Montreal at micro-brewery “le dieu du ciel”. There are many other micro-breweries in town too, or if you’ve got transport and time why not take the Quebec Microbrewery tour?(一个同事在那地方买了几种啤酒,非常非常不错!值得一去!)

71. Go to René Lévesques Parc at the end of canal Lachine(这个周末去)
72. Discover the “musée en plein air” (outdoor museum) and the St Lawrence Shore in Lachine.(这个周末去)
73. Enjoy a chocolate tea in “Cha Noir” teahouse, in Verdun. Just sit there, relax and understand that life is beautiful (又是巧克力,这大姐有完没完?)
74. Discover Montreal’s “network of large parks” (“le réseau des grands parcs”)
75. Go dancing and admire the panoramic view at (Altitude) 737 top terrace(去过几次,感觉那里都是小孩去蹦迪)
76. Have a peaceful walk in “Notre dame des neiges” cemetery (有空去)
77. Discover the new festival place of the season
78. Challenge yourself at the “defi de l’île de montreal” : a 128 km roller blade race all around Montreal Island. Third saturday of october. This one is just crazy. (是不是屁股一周都恢复不过来?)
79. If you survive the previous one, challenge yourself at the “24 hours Inline Montreal” as a solo skater.(摔个鼻青脸肿?)
80. Buy a last minute ticket at “la vitrine” lot of nice events for a good price there.(对,这个网站不错。

81. Discover all the free stuff in “maison de la culture” network” (lot of amazing free show, but you’ll need a proof that you live in Montreal).(什么时候去看看)
82. Go to the “Diese Onze” bar any tuesday and enjoy a Jam session (jazz) with a nice cocktail. Just go there any other day to enjoy very good live music. (什么时候去看看)
83. Every sunday evening, from october to may, go see the Ligue d’Improvisation Montréalaise (LIM – in french) at Lion d’Or. They are just amazing.(如果有机会的话去看看)
84. go to Bistro a Jo-Jo on Saint-Denis; any night but especially Friday and Saturday. Listen to some very loud, very good blues-rock. (有次看电影前在那里喝了杯啤酒,没有欣赏到演出,什么时候去看看)
85. Celebrate Quebec’s national holiday – St-Jean-Baptiste – with a parade and many parties around town. The biggest of which is at Parc Maisonneauve (near Olympic Stadium).(没去过,好像也没机会去了!)
86. Go on a Vegetarian food tour around town(爷奋斗到食物链的尽头不是为了成为植食主义者)
87. Window-shop and people-watch along Rue St-Denis. (嗯在街边抱杯啤酒看过往的人是种乐趣)
88. Get a Free Tour of Montreal’s City Hall, From May through October, the Hôtel de Ville, Montreal’s majestic City Hall, built 1872 – 1878, offers a free 45-minute guided tour.(什么时候去看看)
89. Learn to dance! On Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights throughout the summer, dance instructors lead free ballroom dancing lessons in Parc Jean Drapeau. (好吧,shall we dance?)
90. Find your balance on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m., the Centre Bouddhiste Kankala offers free guided meditations (Méditations guidées gratuites).(上班太忙肯定是去不了)

91. Grab your bike and join the Critical Mass, last Friday of every month. 17h30 at Phillips Square, Ste-Catherine @ Union.(我说过多少次了,多少次!)
92. If you prefer to ride after dark, there’s the Midnight Mass and also the weekly Thurs night bike ride, gather at 22h30 @ parc Lahaie on the corner of St-Laurent and St-Joseph. (。。。写这东西的大姐,你说,是不是ARTISANAL的爱好者)
93. Head to meetup.com, find a group for whatever you’re into, meet some new people and have fun!(嗯,对的)
94. Get some Montreal’rs out and up early to continue the sunrise bike ride tradition!(。。。蒙特利尔是自行车之城)
95. Meet some friendly CS’rs at the Montreal Weekly Pub Meeting (Location may change from week to week, so refer to keep an eye on these forums)
96. Grab a very tasty orange-cream soda drink (add some of their vanilla soft ice cream to it for an extra special drink mmm) at The Orange at Namur metro.(打动不了我)
97. Go to the Free feast at the Krishna Temple at 5pm on Sundays (这个有点意思?)
98. Explore abandoned building sites in the Mile End (干吗?)
99. Go to a to yoga class on Friday nights for a $5 donation (Moksha Yoga, St Laurent)(软文?)
100. And don’t forget a good poutine (there are 25 varieties to choose from at last count) at La Banquise! It’s recommended you have beer before *and* afterwards :P(酸辣土豆丝更好些)

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