HBS 案例分析二

接下来这个案例讲的是印度一家创新了商业模式的移动运营商Bharti Airtel进军非洲市场的事。这是个2010年发生、12年写成的案例,所以比较新。



1. Do you agree with Bhartis decision to expand into the African market? What other markets might the company have pursued to continue its growth?

I think it’s a good move however the way of acquisition is questionable: without full understanding of the market/customer and mastery of talent/partners. A more cautious/less expensive approach would be more appropriate.

Not knowing well enough the telecom industry/other emerging markets, my gut feeling is to take a look on markets as Indonesia or Latin America as those economies are fast growing and population is large, similar to Africa/India level. But again, do your f*cking homework.

2. What elements of its business model from India are transferrable to the African market? What is your assessment of Bhartis progress in Africa to date in replicating its business model in Africa?

Prepaid model; partnership/alliance on distributionship/microfinance firms;

The copy is on its halfway however too early to say successful as the market is different and many challenges remain.

3. Should Bharti compete with MTN on price in the Nigerian market? If not, how else should it compete?

More tailored made services/Distribution network.